Purchase a bracelet and help save wildlife – we at Wild Birds Unlimited Sudbury thought that was a mission we wanted to be part of!

Fahlo makes these super stylish bracelets that we are now selling at the store, each featuring an animal charm that corresponds with an actual animal to track in the wild. Purchase a bracelet and learn your animal’s name and story, receive their photo and track them in real time using the QR Code that comes with the packaging. Fahlo will donate 10% of each bracelet purchase to non-profit organizations that protect animals!

In 2019 Fahlo launched their sea turtle bracelet and teamed up with the Sea Turtle Conservancy – 10% of the net profits from every sea turtle bracelet sold goes to help sea turtles in the wild! A year later Fahlo introduced their elephant bracelet and teamed up with Save the Elephants in Kenya. The organization works to protect elephants and help fight ivory poaching.

Since then Fahlo has introduced more bracelets featuring polar bear, shark, penguin, lion, giraffe and dolphin charms and partnered with Polar Bears International, Saving the Blue (helping threatened marine species), the Global Penguin Society, Ewaso Lions, the Somali Giraffe Project and the FIU Marine Conservation Ecology Lab (focusing on the conservation of marine animals around the globe, particularly dolphins).

Purchase a bracelet and help save wildlife – to date the sale of Fahlo bracelets have allowed the company to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to save wildlife! We are so glad to be selling their bracelets here at our store. Won’t you come in and check them out - maybe there is an interactive animal tracking experience in your future!