Don't Toss Your Christmas Tree to The Curb...Give it to the Birds!

Did you just celebrate the Christmas season with a gorgeous Christmas tree? If so, you probably were very careful in picking out just the right tree. Then you decorated it with love and sat around your Christmas tree with friends and family as you celebrated. For a short period of time, that tree probably became a focal point in your home. But, with New Year’s Day in our review mirror, so many Christmas trees will be tossed out by the road to await trash pickup. May we suggest a different ending for your tree? How about you give it to your birds? That’s right, give it to your birds! Instead of dragging the tree out the front door to the curb, drag it out the back door and return it to nature! Christmas trees placed strategically in areas where your birds and other small animals can access them quickly will provide a great shelter from predators, wind, rain and snow. In time you can create a Christmas tree brush pile that can protect your birds for years to come. Or, as the tree’s branches become dry and brittle after the winter passes, easily break them up and use them for compost.