Goldfinch Are Turning Yellow!

Male and female American Goldfinch both molt twice a year, once in the fall and again in early spring, but it is the male who molts into those flashy yellow feathers we love to see this time of year!  Females sport duller yellow feathers underneath and olive above. Male Goldfinch begin growing in their bright yellow feathers every March and complete their molt by early May. At this time they also grow in their signature black forehead. In the fall both male and female Goldfinch beaks and legs turn dark grey to black, but in springtime and summer they are all pretty in pink!

 Like many species of songbird, Goldfinch males are brighter and flashier in color so to standout and attract females during breeding season. Females are duller in color because they sit on nests and need to be more camouflaged so not to attract predators.