Save Birds from Window Collisions!

It’s one of the most dreaded sounds any bird lover will hear – the sound of a bird colliding with a window. When birds see our windows, they see the natural world reflected back at them. They see trees and sky and collide with the glass, not understanding that the glass is not a continuation of their flight path. Birds are often killed instantly upon impact and many of those that seemingly recover and fly off later die from internal injuries.

The solution? Window Gems. Window Gems are beautiful; static cling vinyl decals that help prevent bird strikes! The prismatic material refracts sunlight into a kaleidoscope of shifting colors that bird’s eyes are sensitive to, warning them to stay away!

We found Window Gems at a trade show we recently attended. We were immediately attracted to the designs, prismatic colors and the company’s promise that the Gems never fade, are moveable, reusable and will last many years! They are also made in the United States, in Mount Shasta, California.

I have the Hummingbird design Window Gems on my windows and have discovered an added bonus – when the sun shines through them a rainbow of pretty colors appears in the room!

Flip through the photos to see the designs we have brought into the store. Can you pick a favorite?