Seeing fewer birds at your feeders? Everyone is – here’s why!

Seeds, nuts, insects and even berries are in abundance this time of year, which means our backyard birds are eating more from the natural world and less from our feeders.

This happens to some extent every year at this time. In years when plants produce copious amounts of seeds and nuts, birds and other animals become less dependent on our feeders. The converse is true when fewer seeds and nuts are produced. There must be a lot of natural seeds and nuts this year because everyone has been mentioning seeing fewer birds at their feeders and asking us why! It’s not only you!

Not to worry, the birds will return to our feeders in greater numbers once the weather turns colder. Birds need to eat more in colder weather, especially high fat foods, which help them stay warm. When you find yourself reaching for an extra sweater, the birds will be back looking for an extra serving of delicious and nutritious bird food!