It's time to clean your birdhouses!

In recent days we've heard many happy stories from customers telling us of Bluebirds checking out their nesting boxes! Woo hoo! If you put up nesting boxes in your yard, you know that it's not just Bluebirds that will use your boxes. Some other cavity nesters include Wrens, Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Titmice and Nuthatches and they're all going to be looking for safe places to raise their young. Are your nesting boxes ready for them?!?!

If you haven't cleaned out your nesting boxes since last fall or even this winter, it's time. The same birds that nest in boxes in spring and summer will very likely roost in those boxes in fall and winter, so it's time to take them down for a good spring cleaning!

First you'll need to open up each box and remove all nesting/roosting material and scrape out any feces that may have accumulated on the walls or floor. Use a plastic bag to dispose of this matter and wear plastic gloves. Dirty nesting boxes can attract rodents, mites and bacteria that can be hazardous to birds. Next scrub each box with a solution made up of one part chlorine beach and nine parts hot water. Once clean, rinse the boxes with hot water to make sure all the bleach solution is removed. Before you put the boxes back up, let them dry throughly in the sun. This last step will ensure that no mold or mildew grows on the inside of the house.

Now your boxes are ready to provide safe housing for this spring and summer's baby birds! Enjoy!