There’s a Goldfinch at My Feeder by Pamela Cooley is one of the most charming children’s books I have come across. I am so glad we are carrying it here at the store!

Using rhymes, Pamela tells the delightful story of the birds that visit her feeders throughout the day. There’s the goldfinch, a nuthatch, sparrow, robin (eating worms under her feeders), a chickadee-dee-dee, four species of woodpeckers, a pair of cardinals, a blue jay, oriole and even a hummingbird.

Pamela fell in love with watching birds when she set up a feeder after her children were born. Together they watched and learned about birds and she hopes this book, filled with tidbits about each bird, will help other parents, grandparents and children get to better know their backyard birds.

The cheery and bright illustrations, by Eleanor Bailey, reveal a bit about each of the bird’s personalities and will help children quickly identify the birds and become expert at knowing their feathered friends.

If there is a child in your life interested in nature and birds, come in and check out this book!